Three Simple Lessons

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Some of the lessons I've learned from doing yoga have become essential for how I move through the world. Three simple lessons that have sustained my inner growth and expansion are as follows:

1)Create Inner Spaciousness:

When you suddenly find that you are off balance energetically, let the situations surrounding your current state inform you. Become aware of what or who is affecting your energy. Consider the people or habits that could be impacting your frequency or sense of yourself. (did you have a cocktail, smoke a cigarette, get angry, blame someone, have an energetic exchange that felt insincere?) If you find that thoughts are begging for attention...wanting you to come up with an idea to resolve this must stop the thoughts that are competing for your attention. You must cease thinking immediately. For the mind will continue grasping...will continue trying to will not stop. So you must stop it....and allow blank space to enter you...Allow quietude into your mind. Make it silent. And sit without drawing conclusions to fill the gaps. You must create inner spaciousness. It is a space of inconclusive being-ness, and a skillset that you can practice. And from that ground of nothing...from the absence of content, you will find a truth inside stillness. Cultivate inner spaciousness. Allow your mind to rest.

2)Don't Move, Don't Blink Before the Lessons Consolidate Inside You:

Never get off your yoga mat before you allow peace to settle into your heart and mind. We often have insights on the mat and want to jump up and implement these immediately. But letting peace filter in and knowing fully that all is well is key before we end our yoga session in savasana. Allow all the insights to sink down into every nook and cranny of your soul before you arise or open your eyes. Knowing that we are held, that we have help within the boundaries of our existence is so necessary...And deeply understanding that there is enough time. There is no shortage or lack or cause for fear when we are living in alignment. When we let serenity filter into ourselves in the corpse pose and truly welcome rest and realignment...we are cleansed through and through...our nerves, our heart, our muscles