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Visit with me. 

My name is Dr. Laurie Maddox. 

I'm here to help guide you through life’s most complex and challenging obstacles with virtual and in person counseling utilizing a number of specialized therapeutic services.

I truly care about your unique life path and personal growth. I consider our work together an honor and a sacred privilege. Get in touch with me today to schedule a time to come in and begin your journey toward wholeness.



My spiritual journey began when I was very young and began to question the nature of thought and consciousness. In 2008, I became certified as a clinical hypnotherapist and began integrating hypnotherapy and the use of altered states of consciousness into my counseling practice as a treatment tool. I later pursued formal study in consciousness as a graduate student delving deeper into Jungian archetypal psychology and ideas related to the collective unconscious and self-actualization.


My graduate training is in the related specialties of Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Analytic Psychology, and I obtained my degree in 2016 from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara CA. My current integration of Buddhist eastern philosophy as a means to emotional contentment rounds out my journey for spiritual and psychological approaches to healing and recovery from trauma and addiction.
Using this framework, I employ principles of mindfulness, pure presence, and attuned body-centered awareness into my work with clients, and draw from transpersonal, somatic, existential, Jungian and psychoanalytic approaches.


My view of healing and wholeness is grounded in awareness of our spiritual nature and need for connection with others and with source/universal consciousness for unlimited love, ecstasy, potentiality and authentic living. I believe that one can move from feelings of shame to greater self-compassion, forgiveness, and self-love when living in alignment with one’s truth, values and life purpose.

Near and dear to my heart is working with entheogens/psychoactive plant medicines as a beautiful compliment to psychotherapy. The wisdom that ayahuasca activates is the flowering of our natural intelligence to catalyze healing and growth by getting to the root of our psychological problems, brought forward by bringing unconscious content into awareness. When we deepen and stabilize awareness of mind, we are able to get in touch with our deepest desires, essential creativity and truest expressions of self. This knowledge gives us greater wisdom to solve the more complex problems of our life-world, and to see our contribution to the whole of humanity as a collective, shared responsibility. Traditional shamanic practices combined with sacred plant medicines offer an effective adjunct to modern
psychoanalysis and accelerated healing of long-standing emotional traumas.


My preparation includes a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and certifications as a Clinical Trauma Professional, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Licensed Psychotherapist, and Qualified Clinical Supervisor in Florida. I am listed as a Psychedelic Integration Therapist with MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies)

I am interested in research related to aspects of mind/mental tendencies, transformations in consciousness, and the numinous experience. In 2018, I attended the Science of Consciousness Conference in Tuscon, AZ and met philosophers Deepak Chopra and David Chalmers. In 2019 I saw Eckhart Tolle speak on the sprouting seed of human transcendent consciousness, expressed as a move
away from the trance of egoic consciousness.


In 2018, I was blessed to come to Soulquest and to be introduced to the healing power of ayahuasca. I joined the Soulquest team as an Integration Therapist and began facilitating post-ceremony integration groups for retreat members.


I offer online counseling through Zoom video or Skype. Online counseling is for those who prefer remote psychotherapy sessions due to time or schedule constraints and for members/clients who live outside of the Orlando area. I also recently
started online Integration Groups for clients wanting to integrate and share their psychedelic journeys and insights in a confidential, supportive forum. 

In 2019 I started the Orlando Psychedelic Society—Orlando’s first psychedelic social network. Orlando Psychedelic Society [OPS] is a community of people interested in the exploration of sacred plant medicines for psychological healing, spiritual growth, and/or the expansion of consciousness. OPS offers members a safe space to meet and talk about their experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness, and provides education about harm reduction and current research in
the field of psychedelic-assisted therapies.

"The process of renewal refers to shedding thought systems and social conditioning, or anything that pollutes or contaminates—your mind, heart or body."

"When under tremendous psychic pressure it is best to conserve energy by focusing on your own inner life of

happenings --by connecting with the divine spark in your heart and finding your deepest truth."

"If you’re feeling disconnected, grow down. Plumb the depths to learn more and grow in resilience. Deepen your roots and connection to the earth, to yourself, and even to your own pain."

"To “live out loud” sometimes takes a tremendous act of bravery. And during these times we must try to rest, and be gentle and kind to ourselves. And be patient through the pain that often accompanies change and endings."

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