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A New Birth of Humanism

Consciousness expansion may necessitate intense personal change and inner growth—during times when internal pressures to “keep up” may feel burdensome or overwhelming--or a sense that “the center cannot hold” may predominate. When under tremendous psychic pressure it is best to conserve energy by focusing on your own inner life of

happenings --by connecting with the divine spark in your heart and finding your deepest truth. You may need to “go within” for direction, or retract from the world at times, to honor your body with rest, meditation or sleep. Other ways to protect a fracturing psyche is limiting outer stimulation from tv news and social media, or even from friends or work associates. For others it may require “breaking out” of a confining routine, habit, destructive mental attitude, relationship, or job. It may mean more physical movement and better nutrition, more quiet moments and personal space for renewal. The path of peace is to come into alignment with your truth and complete your “unfinished work”- the work of inner consilience. True North is the most direct path to completing the great task that is being accomplished through you, and humanity as a whole. In joining together in loving support of each other, we can openly share the distributed wisdom and inspiration from personal struggles and deep sufferings. Acting with resilience, zeal, reverence, attention, and increased devotion—we can complete our work as envoys and conduits of the divine—to evolve the universal project of liberty, freedom, love, unity, and equality for all beings--rich and poor, human animal or animal, plant or tree, on one continent or the next.

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