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Emotional Crisis

Moments of personal crisis are there to let us know we’ve reached the upper limit of some emotion that’s working its way through us. These intense feelings are a spiritual invitation to deepen one’s ability for connection to the ebb and flow of life’s deepest yearnings, patterns, and life lessons. It signals danger to continue forward without conscious awareness of how our choices are affecting our psyche...And demands the need for more self-care and self-nurturing. Whenever I’ve hit these limits, it is a sign that I’ve strained myself and my abilities too far...I’ve exceeded my own capacity as a container to constrain the life I’ve chosen. When this occurs, the emotion can be felt as frightening and unwanted. But hitting one’s psychic limit is like a bumper car bouncing off the guard rails... The answer for these moments is not more thinking... To the contrary, it is surrender to what we don’t understand about the world we inhabit. Freedom from thought is needed in the immediate moment...until the tide ebbs, to free float. Free floating is not giving up, but giving into the chaos filling one’s soul and heart... minus the agentic urge to filter it. It asks for rest and shade to enliven the heart...and protection for the fragile spirit to find a safe place to land. It signals the need to seek comfort and shelter, until the storm passes. It is a sign we are nearing a clearing in our soul for a new path to constellate, a new direction to emerge...and a realization that we are waiting for the universe to tell us what’s next. If your heart has wings and you’ve been circling the runway...emotional crisis is a signal of exhaustion...It is time to is time to come down...for your tank is empty. It is time for safety and renewal of your reserves. Your destiny is to merge with the stars...but just not yet.

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