Psychedelic Therapy: What is it anyway?

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

* Imagine taking a medicine that alters your mind and facilitates the generation of new thoughts and new ways of looking at the world

* Imagine taking a medicine that facilitates solving problems of life, be they personal or professional

* Imagine taking a medicine for the purpose of spiritual prophylaxis, the cleansing of the spirit that has been clogged by life experiences, pain, or trauma

Psychedelic Medicine is becoming a standard of care in the treatment of many mental disorders including addiction, anxiety, depression and trauma/PTSD. Psychedelic medicines like LSD, psilocybin/mushrooms, MDMA, ayahuasca/DMT, mescaline/peyote, ketamine, and cannabis are being studied currently with positive results for treating the big problems of depression and anxiety in American culture. Psychedelic Therapy is an emerging field answering the growing need for trained therapists with professional experience in mental health, psychotherapy, clinical psychology and addiction coaching. It has become a growing need in our society to help prepare clients for these deeply personal experiential journeys that catalyze emotional experiences and for post-journey integration of the ideas, messages and themes presented during those journeys.

In preparing my clients for an upcoming journey there are several key areas of life that need attention in advance of a deep dive into the unconscious that these journeys elicit.